I gave you life...

27th Jun 2022

For some reason this past week or so, I've had a phrase running round my head a lot. It's a phrase I heard many times as a kid and young adult, and it's one of the many things that I thought was totally fine at the time but now – with the benefit of hindsight and some semblance of sanity – it seems utterly ridiculous:

"I gave you life, I can take it away"

What sort of a parent says that to their kid?

It's funny, the person who said that to me blames the reason we don't talk any more on things like me being a snowflake, or having made some sort of decision to dislike them. Nah. I had a kid, and then all of a sudden the idea of being on the other side of a lot of our interactions brought up some crazy questions. I can't imagine saying words like those to my kid, so what does that mean about the person who said them to me?

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. I did have some nice bike parts, so maybe that equals it all out.

Photo by Johannes Blenke on Unsplash

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