Bewl 60km Training: Week 3

9th Feb 2020

This week is the first one where I am starting to feel like I've got some accumulation of the previous weeks. On one hand, that's a really nice feeling because it means I'm working. On the other it's only week 3, so the main focus is still very much on injury prevention while getting the sessions done.

This week was also the first one with what I would class as a long run. The previous high of 16km was something I was happily putting out in the latter part of 2019 without feeling "long", so getting up to 19km this week was a nice step up. Week 4 starts to ramp that up a bit more, so I'm looking forward to it.

The actual weekly distance still feels super low, but I'm trusting in the plan. Week 1 total was 41.6km, Week 2 total was 46.6km, and Week 3 has been 44.5km. That will definitely start ramping up too, and I'm looking forward to it.

Still missing the club, may swap my planned Tuesday and Sunday runs for week 4 to fit in a run with the rest of the clan.

Here's the sessions:

Session 1: 60mins Easy

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This one was in London, as I happened to catch myself there between meetings. It felt really hard to be honest, hopefully down to not having eaten anything and carrying a decent sized bag.

Session 2: 15mins Easy + 7x(60s Fast + 75s Recovery) + 10mins Easy

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This was a nice workout to have, as it was super achievable – much easier than last weeks similar session. I did cut 5 mins off the planned 15mins easy at the end, as I had a decent level of calf twinge and wanted to use that time to stretch and roll before getting on with usual morning routine with the kid.

Session 3: Strength & Conditioning

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Literally can't remember what I did in this session, except that it was very much about mobility and stretching rather than any strength work.

Session 4: 19km Long

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Here's that nice longer run. I actually had a pretty tough one, because I had struggled with a migraine the night before which came back around 3.5km into the run and got progressively worse for a while. At one point I couldn't really see anything out of my left eye, which was a bit problematic but I was on a road I know well so that was OK. Felt pretty sick after that so this was very much a session to train the mind to keep going when it's pretty minging.

Session 5: 5mins Easy + 35mins Long + 5mins E

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Early morning running in Storm Ciara. Good to get the week finished before the weather got too crazy, but it still felt like running into a wall in some directions!

Week 4 is a good one: Starts with some Tempo work tomorrow, then a various pace run, 24km long run and a 10km easy effort. Should get me into the mid 50s distance wise, so bring it on. Until then, time for a roast and no beer.

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