Bewl 60km Training: Week 2

2nd Feb 2020

In a week filled with lots of decorating of our house, a 3rd birthday for my daughter and a party to go with it at the weekend, week two felt a lot more like I'd expect a training week to feel. Getting the four runs and a strength session in was fun on it's own, so the fact that all of the sessions went broadly to plan was a nice bonus.

The thing I'm kind of gutted about so far is missing my normal Tuesday night club runs. I'd love to be able to get them into the schedule, but the need to stick to the plan is too big in my head to let me. Hopefully some of the sessions later in the weeks will fall with what the club's doing.

Here were the sessions and how they went:

Session 1: 35mins Easy

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Much the same as last week, this one started off with a bit of recovery on the treadmill. Not a huge amount to say about that, other than that I forgot my headphones so that was a super long 35 minutes.

Session 2: 15mins E + 10x(2mins Fast, 1mins Jog) + 15mins E

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This was definitely the first workout of the training block so far. I headed out early in some icy conditions and down to the incredibly boring surroundings of the local industrial estate. Set the watch to start my workout and off I went. By the 4th rep of sub-3:50/km pace I was starting to feel it, and then my watch progressed to the 15 minute cooldown. Oops! I'd managed to completely mess up putting the session in properly, so I had to stop and get myself setup a different way which meant not knowing my pace on the rest of the reps. Got them done though, and happy enough with the outcome.

Session 3: Strength and Conditioning

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Last week I got a bit over the top with the strength session, which put the next days running down a few notches. Learned from that this week and just took this one for what it is: injury prevention, mobility and general conditioning.

3x 3minute mountain legs
5x 20 single leg calf raises (35kg)
5x (20 straight sit-ups, 20 knee ins, 20 5kg russian twists)

Stretching and rolling to finish.

Session 4: 1.5k E + 10k L + 1.5k E

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This one was another enjoyable session, and another early one. Nice to do a bit of steady state distance without just being in Easy pace range, even though I only had time to stick to the roads around town. Not quick, but definitely to plan.

Session 5: 1.5k E + 13k L + 1.5k E

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Best session of the week. The birthday party for kid was done, so some of the relief from that going well and lack of stressing out about what needed doing definitely helped me just loosen up and get the kilometres done. What was nice was that this was much easier than the previous session, despite being another few km longer and slightly faster average pace wise.

Overall another useful week, and it now feels like I'm training for something. Next week brings another nice interval session as well as a more decent length long run of 19km. Bring it on.

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