Bewl 60km Training: The Plan.

14th Jan 2020

My sister and my brother-in-law obviously know I love running. Louise especially, as she came to crew my stuttering stumble round the Feet of Endurance 2019 in September last year.

They also both know that my focus for 2020 is on running my first ’proper’ ultra distance, yet it was still an awesome surprise when they gifted me an entry to the Bewl Water 60km Ultra in on May 9th this year.

That was back in November and since then I’ve put in 293km across 31 runs, with the longest being a 21km effort around Bewl itself. That was a very slippery, very slow run just before Christmas - hopefully slower than any of the 3 laps I have to do on the day!

So here we are, days away from starting my first properly organised training block since 2009. I’ve opted to essentially follow the Runner‘a World 16-week, 50 mile plan. Although 50 miles is a bit further than I’m having to do, I’m hoping the extra gives me a bit of buffer on the day. The other option was to follow a 50km plan, and that would just have me focusing on the 10km deficit on the day too much.

Here’s my planned plan, it's interactive so you can explore different days:

Pace wise, I’ve set the following to begin with. That said, a couple of test runs last week have me thinking I might have to rejig, but we’ll see how week one goes.

Easy: 6:15/km
Long: 5:45/km
Tempo: 4:30/km
Fast: 3:50/km

I’m hoping to make some regular updates through this training block, if for no other reason than to hold myself accountable and analyse how things are going. Rest this week, then on with week one!

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