How hard could going off-grid be?

14th Aug 2022

With all the mucking about that I've done over the past year or so with solar on Colin the Campervan, plus the ridiculous state of energy prices at the moment, there's more than a little tickle of a thought going round my head about some sort of DIY solar install for the house. How hard could it be?

I get the general theory of it – solar panels on the roof, a big bank of batteries somewhere to store the energy for the night, a charge controller to manage that side of things, and an inverter to convert the stored energy into something that can be used in the plug sockets. But it seems like such a massive thing, and it's not like it would be cheap to start with. I reckon if we had a north/south pitch to our roof instead of east/west I'd have started it by now 😂

Not really sure why I'm writing this down, probably just something to look back on when I want to pinpoint the exact point I should have just thought to get someone else in to do it!

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